Monday, August 6, 2012


Blog Post:What challenges and potential benefits can you see in utilizing podcasting technology in the classroom? Although we often use podcasts to convey information to our students, what are the benefits of having students develop their own podcasts? How can you incorporate the concept of long term student podcasting in your curriculum (students recording a series of podcasts over the course of a semester)?

By using podcasting students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the techniques taught in dance class.  Students can investigate, design, create, and even teach via podcast.  I can not only post the dances and techniques I teach in class but the students can post their choreography as well.  

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  1. Podcasts will be ideal for demonstrating the endless techniques for all the different media I work with. it would be idyllic for ceramics, encaustics and for my AP students. There is so much to cover in a such a limited time period and if a student is absent they can easily fall behind because we are studio based. It would also provide an opportunity to create a demonstration that would cater to the ELL student or the special needs students. The biggest challenge for me with technology is TIME.