Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wikki Blog

Blog Post: Brainstorm ideas for how you might use a wiki in your classroom or school (clubs / teams) to create a meaningful project for collaboration and learning.

Make sure to respond to at least two other posts by colleagues in your course.

For my Wikki Assignment I set up 5 pages with 5 famous ballet dancers.  The students will the be assigned a dancer.  Students need to research 5 meaningful facts about that dancer then post then to the site.  

I think this is a great  and fun way for the kids to learn about dancers they would never have heard about before. 


  1. Quick, easy, and insightful for the students. Good idea!

  2. That sounds wonderful. Hopefully, this gives students an opportunity to learn about less familiar dancers!

    BTW, have you read that history of ballet book that came out that year? The title escapes me right now, but I remember listening to an interview with the author on NPR late-last year/ early-this year. It was really fascinating!

  3. I like this idea. A good research project as well. Would students be editing other students work or will they only be stating the facts?