Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RSS Blog

Blog Post: Incorporating reflective writing into curriculum can help students develop an awareness of metacognition. What value is there in having students blog on a regular basis. How can you have students develop a blog to be used as an electronic portfolio? 

The value in having students blog on a regular basis is that it can give each student a voice and can also bring students together through the various levels of linking inherent in a blog's comments and trackbacks. 

I can have have them blog after they preform the combinations I teach in class and comment on how they felt they did as well as on how their classmates preformed


  1. Hello Mindy,

    I like your idea of students assessing themselves by blogging after a performance. I believe it’s important to self-reflect, and hopefully a student will improve on their future performances by self-reflecting on past performances.

  2. I think self-assessing and reflecting through blogs after a performance or class is a terrific idea since the information is fresh in their minds. Plus, having your classmates commenting(in a positive manner) can do wonders for a student's self-esteem and motivation to do well.