Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Read the article Open Source Content in Education: Part 2 - Developing, sharing, expanding resources.
Blog Post: Reflect on how the concept of Open Source content is compatible with educational philosophies such as the concept of the democratization of knowledge and development of an educated population.
Post responding comments to two new colleagues' blog posts.

"The climate in education and society is changing - some changes are positive, others are negative. All, however, are impacting the function and role of public education."

I have been very hesitant to embrace the "Internet" model and the concept of Open Source contentAs a dance teacher I am physically engaged with my students 5 period a day.  Through open source content I will be able to have my students be able to take a class from a dance instructor across the globe. 

"Preservation of openness and sharing (at an educational level) is critical for the creation of a culture that values innovation, progress, experimentation, and development."

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  1. I too have been hesitant to embrace the internet model, but this Tech 1 class has really made me take a closer look at the information and resources out there that can enhance teaching and learning for both my students and I.