Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog Assignment

What is your comfort level with change? What are the three most important educational change agents (directly impacting students) since Gutenberg's press in 1436 in America? How has each agent directly impacted the way you educate your students?

It depend on what type of change.  As an educator and dance teacher I have found the more flexible I am the easier life is.  Dance is constantly evolving and changing.  Therefore I need to evolve and change to stay current and keep my students interested.  

The three most important educational change agents are Read/Write Web.  As a dance teacher the reading and writing portion of class is usually for student who are on medical leave.  I will give the student a dance book or video to watch and they will write a paper to make up for their time out of class. As for web use if a student is again on medical leave I have them research a dance topic, company, or a specific dancer and type a paper.  In the future I plan to have them blog rather the type a paper out.

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